Performance, what is it?

 Performance (English performance – performance, presentation) is a form of contemporary art, a genre of theatrical and artistic performance, in which artworks constitute the actions of an artist or group in a certain place and time.

 Performance differs from other types of contemporary art in that it can be reproduced without a scenario or rehearsals.

 How you feel is how you create, here and now. For me, performance is a tool of expression, with which I can immerse the audience deeper into the concept, give more understanding about my art.

 Usually I create performances for the opening of my own or group exhibitions in collaboration with other artists, but there are also very spontaneous independent statements.

 What drives me when creating a performance:

 – immersiveness of the process with the viewer

 – love of dance

 – the magic of the creation process in creativity

Performances in which I participated:

«ROZHDENIE”, festival “Millennium Mythology”, 2019, Minsk

“PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST”, exhibition “Labyrinth bardo”, 2019, Minsk

Cinema dance “N”, Minsk, 2020

 “Keep silent”, Minsk, 2021

 “Art Philosophy”, Poznań, 2021