Projects and art residences.

About the training course “The expressive mask” at the @naeh_ art-residence Zebra-Kagel in Germany.

Honestly, I will be rethinking the experience and participation for a while. A smile immediately appears on the face from the memories))
I feel grateful for your participation and friendly atmosphere.

I’ll tell you about the organization, goals and my impressions.

The training course was organized by @ngo_logos and
The project was free, like other projects in which I participated, except for a fee of 60€, it varies from country to country. All expenses for tickets, visas and tests are covered by the program, but there is a budget that I had to fit into.

The aim of such a cultural project is intercultural exchange and the development of new skills that can be used in their profession.

The whole project was in English, the participants were from Belarus, Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece. The age of the participants is from 18 to 40 years old, different professions, not necessarily creative.

For 2 weeks, from 10 to 19, we studied the process of working with an expressive mask and learning to play in the theater. Each participant made one mask for himself.
In the evening we played, danced and talked a lot. Nice to feel alive!

Teachers Richard and Yuri, professionally and structurally built the entire learning process and as a result, after 2 weeks, we presented the performance in our masks.

Due to the tight schedule, there was a complete immersion in creativity.

Cons – periodic fatigue and lack of free time. Everything else is pluses.

I am grateful to myself for the fact that, despite the difficulties in understanding the language, I went to the training and was involved until the end of the project. I found new pleasant acquaintances there and spent time among active, interesting people.
After the presentation of the performance, I felt tremendous euphoria, joy from the work done and the knowledge gained.

Thank you to all the participants, teachers Yuri and Richard Kimberley , Markusha Boyko and Peter Angus Mitchell for organizing the project?

If you want to participate in such projects, follow the news Logos NGO friends and Lernlabor on Facebook and feel free to apply!