“Samsara” series

The idea of it is to live in a state of mental crisis and redemption. Acquaintance and immersion in the dark side of the soul. Living every step from detecting poisonous anger in yourself to recovery. The path to integrity. संसार, saṃsāra (“wandering, peripatetics”) – the cycle of birth and death in worlds limited by karma, one of the basic concepts in Indian philosophy: a soul drowning in the “ocean of samsara” seeks liberation (moksha) and get rid of the results of its past action (karma). My crisis was caused by the breakdown of relations with the loved one and the long process of displacing negative emotions— aversion of my dark side, which has caused a slow explosion of my inner self. I allowed myself to display all the stages of my physical, mental and physical states on the canvas, to express my feelings and sensations. Each art piece shows the state of separation and, continuously, the whole way. The paintings are named in reverse order as a countdown before falling to the bottom … and a new period in life. Thus, living these conditions in every painting and artistic practice, randomly, I keep returning to them again and again, cycle completed. The path to integrity and self-knowledge through art, a full-fledged art therapy. Understanding, that primary love is within us – we need to look for it in ourselves.