Collaborations with clothing designers

On this page I will tell you about my collaborations with fashion designers.

 This is not just a painting of clothes or a print – I make things exclusive and unique.

 I paint clothes made of dense fabrics or leather with special paints that are not washed off.  Most often I paint clothes on the model.

 When creating art, I focus on the following points – the energy of the owner of the clothes / interior, the wishes and characteristics of the thing.

 The uniqueness of my art is that I work without a preliminary sketch, immediately coming up with a drawing in the process.

 The process is very valuable for me – this is a special moment when I can immerse myself in pure art.

 For example, I painted a jacket for @novy_brand brand

 The jacket itself is brutal, the color is graphite, the model is oversized unisex.

 When creating, I wanted to add a mood of lightness, romance and festival.  And I did it due to the plasticity of the line, the softness of the forms.

 Drawing with a reference to the graphics of the 60-70s and the mood of the hippies.  Bright colors make it cheerful, and my story is about love and peace.  Because now is such a difficult time that I want more joy here and now.

 It will suit the owner of age 18+ 

 An example of a print of a picture on clothes.

 Collaboration with fashion designer @kniazeva_brand. We released a pajama type set with a print of my painting.

 We named it “Closer to the Sea” because it is light, flowing and feminine. We invested in this project the intention to emphasize the uniqueness and freedom of movement.  To make the girl feel comfortable and at the same time sophisticated.  In it you can go to parties, dates, to the museum or relax at home.

Creation processes. This painting is a participant of several of my exhibitions

 Material – artificial silk.

We also created a kimono with my print, which we called the “image of Bali”. The material is similar to pajamas

 An example of painting a vest.  The suit fabric is dense, I painted it immediately on the model

 The painting of white leather sneakers extended their life and made them an inspiration.

All paints are resistant, designed to work with textiles and leather.

When working with a brand, I take a percentage of the sale.
For a single order, the price is negotiable