About me

Hello, my name is Maria Skakun, I am an artist, performer, teacher and art therapist. Participant of international exhibitions.

I have been drawing and studying fine arts since childhood, but since 2017 painting has become my main occupation. For 8 years I have been building a career in the IT and Fashion industry as a designer and art director, after which I decided to leave this activity and allow myself to create as an artist.

My painting can be classified as intuitive action painting.
Through art, I explore the self-identification of personality, corporeality and the experience of emotions. Inspire me people, psychology, synesthesia of feelings, nature, music and the world of the unconscious. From here I get new ideas for their research and observations. More often I write in the style of abstraction or surrealism, for me they are the most expressive tool. Sketching helps me to feel and capture the moment as much as possible.
Favorite genre – nude, portrait, abstraction.
I paint in oils, acrylics and watercolors. Experimenting with different tools to achieve the clearest artistic expression of the concept. I periodically research performance in my art.
Collaborations with other artists allow me to understand the purity of creativity through synergy and improvisation.
I also study modern methods of art therapy in order to better understand how a person immerses in creativity, how art affects the perception and formation of personality, which gives opportunities for the development of personality.
Open to the exchange of ideas and creative collaborations.
Since 2016, a member of the Belarusian Union of Designers.

A large video interview with me for the Art Belarus portal and the Grad City shopping center, where I talk about the artist’s path and creativity https://www.instagram.com/tv/CGCutGPHFLv/?utm_medium=copy_link


Institute of Modern Knowledges named A. M. Shirokova, MinskDesigner of Virtual Environments2007-2012
Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil EngineeringTechnician-Architect2003-2007
Gymnasium College of Art №1 of Minsk

Training in modern types of art therapy, refresher courses




My works are in private collections in Belarus, France, USA, Poland, Germany, Russia, India, Sri Lanka.

Personal expositions

“Immersion. Portraits”TUT.BY GalleryMinsk2018
“Mirror”Art GalleryMinsk2017
Immersive exhibition “Labyrinth Bardo”

Sketching exhibition “Travel with me”




Participation in other expositions

Festival of Russian contemporary dances “Proba” with the cinema-dance project “N”Moscow, Russia2021
Artivism & solidarity, online exhibition of laboratory participants, action “Liberation” within the  laboratory on actionismOnline2021
“Love line. Eroticism in the works of the great masters of the 20th century”NCCA, Minsk, Belarus2020/21
“Before/After/2020.Belarus”Krakow, Poland2020/21
“Critical thinking. Art exhibition”Pireus, Poznan, Poland2020
“Autumn Salon’20”, Republican exhibition for salePalace of Arts, Minsk2020
“ART CAPITAL 2020”GRAND PALAIS, Paris, France2020
“Sketchbook exhibition”National Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk2018
“U-festival”, festival of self-expression and free creativityMinsk 20182018
“I am Monet I am Shishkin I am Malevich”National Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk2018


ROZHDENIE”, festival “Millennium Mythology”Ok16, Minsk2019

Participation in educational international projects

  • 2021 – “Soft skills” “NGO Logos” and Erasmus plus, France.
    2021 – “Critical thinking” “NGO Logos” and Erasmus plus, France. 2019 – “Carpathian stories” “NGO Logos” and Erasmus plus, Ukraine.
  • 2019 – “Critical thinking” “NGO Logos” and Erasmus plus, France.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mari.skakun.1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/m.skakun_art

E-mail: mari.skakun.art@gmail.com

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