Performance “N”

One day we wondered if art could reflect the moment when inspiration strikes.
How can you make someone feel what you feel when you want to create a dance or a painting, compose music or make a film? To answer this question, we set a creative experiment on the mechanics of inspiration.

First of all, it was important for us to capture the exact moment when creativity is born – that fleeting second between the time when inspiration is not yet there and the already going creative process. The problem is that you don’t know for sure when the Muse will come to you. But you can try to lure her in, which is what we have done.

This video project is a collaboration of people who realized that they are all inspired by nature, each in their own way. We felt a bit overwhelmed by the current situation in the world and wanted to find personal solutions through creativity. We realized that nature is an abundant resource for us and by turning to it, we can break free from our anxiety. The creative impulse received from nature plus some on-the-spot improvisation can help us to tell the story of inspiration.

We consciously took the risk of not writing a script and not planning anything in advance. We knew we could have failed. All we had was just a general idea and a desire to do something together. We believe that nature really helped us out. The result of our endeavor is a work in which the new inner state we were experiencing was reflected in the movements, colors and frames. This is impressionism brought to life in a video format by turnings emotions into something almost tangible.

The painting that was painted during the performance can be viewed and bought here

Link where you can watch the movie



DIRECTOR – Sergey Pestrak
COLORIST – Nik Vavilov

Music by Hiroshi Yoshimura

Special thanks to:
Vitali Zarembouski, Zhenya Diachek, Natalia Dubitskaya, Sasha Odinochenko, Vlada Shamova, Alexander Kurkul