Sketching workshop

I have been teaching sketching since 2018, worked in the FreeArt studio in Minsk, made my own unique course of 8 sketching lessons.  Now I conduct individual sketching lessons, I work with people aged 14 and older with no drawing experience.  I also give individual lessons in drawing.

I practice almost every day, sketching for me is like photography, capturing the moment, its living and impression. I paint everywhere – in cafes, on the beach, in the field, wherever I am.

So, let’s figure out what sketching is. A sketch is a technique of very fast drawings (5-20 minutes) with different graphic materials – pencil, pen, ink, etc. Have you ever tried to portray something on paper? If you are not an artist, then it is high time to fix this. Surely you used to draw all sorts of monograms, curls, when you sat in class, talked on the phone for a long time, waited in queue. So, if you learn to draw professionally, then it will already be called a sketch. When you’re under the influence of inspiration, you don’t care about the brand of the pen or the number of the pencil. When you start sketching, you can already add color. Watercolor is fine, or a water-based marker, colored pencils, or a piece of chalk would be an option too. Sketches are best done daily. So you will quickly fill your hand and become a professional in your field.
In my opinion, the modern urban dweller of a megalopolis has to deal with the solution of a number of difficult tasks or problems of a different nature every day. These can be household, family or work issues and others. Environmental factors and weather also affect our inner world. The consequence of which is internal tension, stress, discomfort, which undoubtedly affects the harmony with oneself, mood and health.

The duration of one master class or lesson is 1 h online, 2 hours offline.

In the lesson we understand:

• what is Sketching;

• what are the techniques of watercolor sketching;

• tonality, light, shadow, how to make the object volume;

• color wheel, what colors can be mixed to get the desired color;

• the basics of composition and the arrangement of objects on the sheet;

• a practical lesson – we will try different techniques and play with a riot of colors, learn to stylize objects;

• watercolor effects.

Below are the works of my students, and by the link you can see more works.

As a result of 8 practice, we learn:

• construction and proportions on the format;

• create illustrations step by step;

• mix colors correctly;

• methods of obtaining volume in the format;

• possession of various painting and sketching techniques;

• work with various art materials;

• be inspired and inspire with new ideas!;

• relax with art therapy;

You don’t need many years of practice in art education centers to start drawing and enjoy it. You need desire, faith in yourself and attend my class.

See you at the lesson, I am always open to cooperation and new proposals!

One online sketching lesson costs 25€, duration 1 hour 15 minutes, offline lesson 35€, duration 2 hours, materials are included in the price.

Classes are held in Russian.

if you want a lesson, write to me in private messages.