How to care for acrylic and oil paintings

In the first years after the purchase, caring for a painting with acrylic paints comes down to shaking off dust with a light sweep (fluffy brush). This can be done quarterly or every six months as part of your regular cleaning.
After 5 years, depending on the state of the acrylic painting, it is advisable to clean it with a sponge slightly moistened with warm water. Do not use surface cleaners, dishwashing detergents or other corrosive liquids.
Once every 10 years, you can add a little neutral soap to the water, and again, do not wash the painting, but clean the paint with light touches of a soft sponge dipped (and wrung out) in soapy water. Stains with dirt can be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in soapy water (but do not apply too much pressure).

  1. Despite the durability of acrylic paints, do not hang the painting in a place where direct sunlight is constantly falling.
  2. Do not touch the paint layer with your hands without gloves, always hold the painting only by the frame. Otherwise, in the places where acrylic comes into contact with the skin, dirty spots may form over time. There is always a layer of fat on the skin, which will remain on the acrylic and will gather dust.
  3. Do not store paintings in unheated garages and basements. At the same time, it is possible to leave a picture with acrylic paints in an unheated wooden house, since it is usually not very humid there, the wood of the walls absorbs moisture well.
  4. If the canvas sags relative to the frame, give the painting to the workshop for hauling. This is an inexpensive procedure, the skilled hands of the master will restore the original tension of the canvas.

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