Inner cosmic, Diptych


Size: 105cm x 90cm (45cm+45cm)
Genres: futurism, space, abstraction
Style: mixed, expressionism
Materials: acrylic, coating protective varnish, pvc plastic
Year of creation: 2016

I will tell you about my first concious abstract painting, which became a vector in my work.

In 2016, I quit my job and went nowhere. Then I understood what I didn’t want to do, but what I want – I was scared to confess. There was a quiet and timid glow in my soul: “Masha, you want to be a free artist!” What was the reason for the fear – this is absolute freedom and uncertainty, I want to draw, but what?
Often these thoughts about the future took place in the open air, while looking at the stars. Then I began to take an interest in meditation, read more about the creative path of other artists, listen to a lot of ambient music and I wanted to draw this state of immersion at the same time deeply into myself and a dialogue with the stars.
At first, I painted one part of the picture, it looked like a city at night. Later, the second part of the picture appeared and it acquired new meanings.
I remember when I wrote it on a small balcony, I dreamed of my own studio. In the process of creativity, I plunge into a state close to a trance and do not remember exactly what I think about. I can say that I am not writing by myself, but as a medium. This picture is about the connection with the place of power – space. At the time of painting, the night sky for me was calm and absolute beauty.

After a long time and writing new paintings, this one remains one of my favorites.
While writing this text, I burst into tears from the surging emotions. I hope this story will give more inspiration to people who dream of getting creative, but do not know where to start. Be sure to start with yourself)

Now its printed copy is in the museum in Krakow at the exhibition “Befor / after / 2020.Belarus”.