The Energy of the Tree


Size: 100cm * 120cm
Style: abstract
Materials: oil, acrylic, canvas
Year: 2020


I share with you the energy of the process, feelings and concept. My entire artistic process was accompanied by the feeling, like if I were sprouting inside with green leaves, as if a tree was growing inside me. This is what prompted the creation of an abstract image of a tree-flower with palm leaves. An interesting sensation of the new. This is all due to the fact that for a long time I learned to feel security and trust in the world. And so, the feeling of security began to sprout in me as if by roots. She dived into the depths of her unconscious and lived this event with excitement through painting. The background of the picture is dark – like the starry night sky, which is support for me. Because at night I always feel calm, light does not distract, clarity of mind comes and there is no day’s bustle. Bright lines for me are subtle streams of energy, the movement of which I often feel in myself and in other people. To better feel them I practice standing on nails, practice with breathing, Vipasanna meditation. The picture is suitable for decorating an apartment, home or office. The green tree symbol will betray confidence and tranquility, and my creative energy will enliven your space.

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oil, acrylic, canvas